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Components of PSV3 Regulator
  • Poppet valve
  • Pressure sensor Electronic circuit board
  • Power and command signal connector
  • Air block and body case
  • Pilot Volume Booster
Operational principle of PSV3 Regulator

The PSV3 is a closed loop electronic pressure regulator consisting of two solenoid valves, an intermal pressure transducer,
and an electronic control circuit intergrally mounted to a unique volume booster. The output pressure is proportional to an
electrocal input (command signal). The pressure is controlled by activating the solenoid valves, which apply pressure to the
pilot side of the volume booster. One valve functions as inlet control, the other as exhaust. The output pressure of the volume
booster is measured by a pressure transduce, which is internally mounted and provides a feedback signal to the ele ctronic
cotrol circuit. This feedback signal is compared against the command signal input. Any differences between the command
signal and the pressure feedback signal causes one of the solenoid valves to open to adjust the pressure in the pilot of the
volume booster.
Pilot pressure is adjusted so that desired output pressure is achieved and maintained. Since it is the actual desired work
pressure that being sensed and feed back to the control circuit, any mechanical hysteresis of the air piloted volume
booster is automatically compensated for. This allows for our extraordinary accuracy and repeatability.
Command input come in a choice of either a 0-10 VDC or 4-20mA. The PSV3 also provides an electrical monitor signal for
output to a panel mater or controller for data acquisition or quality assurance needs. The monitor signal comes from the
internal pressure transducer. All PSV3 come standard with a 0-10 volt monitor signal with 4-20mA optional. Providing this
monitor signal as part of our standard package eliminates the need to purchase a separate transducer.

PSV3 General Specifications & Performance Characteristics


전기적 특성 (Electrical Charcateristics)
(Supply Voltage)
DC24V ± 10%
(Current Consumption)
typical 125mA, 200mA max
명령 입력 신호
(Command Input Signal)
Voltage input (4.7kΩ):
0~10V DC / 0~5V DC / 1~10V DC
Current input (250Ω)
아날로그 모니터 출력
(Analog Monitor Output)
Voltage output (20mA max):
0~10V DC / 0~5V DC
Current input (500Ω max)
디지털 모니터 출력
(Digital Monitor Output)
TTL Compatable Logic High/5V DC
물리적 특성 (Physical Charcateristics)
동작 온도 (Operating Temperaturev) --5~ 70 °C
무게 (Weight) 0.5 Kg
방수도 (Environment Protection) equivalent to IP65
구경 (Port Size) 1/8˝, 4/1˝, 3/8˝, 1/2˝ PT
케이스 재질 (Housing) ABS Resin
공압적 특성 (Pneumatic Charcateristics)
최대 공급 압력 (Input Pressure) (Vac-760mmHg) ~ 10 bar
동작 압력 범위 (Pressure Range) (Vac-760mmHg) ~ 10 bar
Pressure ranges are customer specified/td>
동작 유체 (Working Fluid) Compressed air required filteration
유체 변화량 (Flow Rate) 1,300 l/min @7 bar inlet
히스테리시스 오차율 (Hysteresis) < ±0.2% F.S
선형 오차율 (Linearity) < ±0.1% F.S
정밀도 (Accuracy) < ±0.25% F.S
반복 오차율 (Repeatability) < ±0.05% F.S
응답시간 (Response Time) Elastomers-Buna-N
Seal material : Viton, Silicon, Buna-N



  • Manufacturing of Automation Machinery
  • Spray painting
  • Medical Equipment
  • Paper manufacturing roll tension
  • Control dispenser system
  • Tire molding and test
  • Plastic molding and foaming
  • Precision Pressure control of semiconductor Equipment
  • Air Motor Velocity Control
  • Tester manufacturer
  • Torque control
  • Gripper control
  • Welder
  • Vacuum pressure control